Brinkmann ALL-IN-ONE COOKER - 810-5000-0 - BRINKMANN

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    Product Title:Brinkmann ALL-IN-ONE COOKER - 810-5000-0 - BRINKMANN
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3 Reviews for Brinkmann ALL-IN-ONE COOKER - 810-5000-0 - BRINKMANN
by Ben
Good starter smoker
i've had this smoker for about 5 months. it took some experimentation to figure out the best way to do things, but now that i've got it down, i'm pretty pleased with it. assembly was straightfoward. mine came with a water bowl that had a lot of paint chips missing, so i called brinkmann and they sent me a new one, without making me send the old one back.

the instructions don't mention curing the smoker, but IMO this is a very important step. don't throw your food in this thing without curing it. the first time you get it hot, a lot of paint burns off! spray the inside with oil, like the manual says, then run the smoker on medium high heat for an hour or so with nothing in it.

build quality is so-so. the welds are a little sloppy, but probably good enough. the lid doesn't fit perfectly, but close enough. the temp gauge is a joke. it doesn't show actual temperature, just warm/ideal/hot. it stopped working after a few smoking sessions. i drilled a small hole in the...
by F. Donald Ahee "donahee"
Very versatile and easy to use.
This All-in-One idea is really cool. As a smoker, it's very good. Easy to maintain temperature by adjusting the gas flow and air intake. It's a little dificult to run at low temps (200f) if the weather is warm. If you turn the gas down too low, a slight wind will blow out the burner. We solved the problem by giving it more gas, but starving the intake of air.

As a grill, it's not very good. It works, but not very efficiently. We have to crank the gas up real hot to get the pumice warm enough to sizzle steaks. We found that in charcoal mode, it works best after putting a grill inside, raised slightly above the vented tray bottom with some spacers. Put the charcoal on the raised grill. The extra air under the coals makes for a hotter fire.

Now the great part; fried turkeys. This is no 30,000 BTU camp stove. The burner on this baby really puts the heat on 4 gallons of oil. It's almost scary how powerful the burner is.

One final word; this setup does not come with a propane tank. If...

by Joe Guitar "Guitar Player"
Secret to the BEST Salmon
I've had one of these smokers for 4 to 5 years. I'd buy another one if my current wears out... well, well worth the price. This cooks the best chicken, turkey, and, above all, salmon that I've ever tasted. Try marinating salmon filets overnight in teriyaki and smoking for 45 to 60 minutes with alder chips for the most moist, flavorful salmon you've ever tasted!